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 Writer and painter Pamela Zoline studied at Barnard College, Columbia University, NYC and the Slade School of Art and Department of philosophy at University College London. She has had several solo shows of her paintings in both Europe and the United States. Zoline has published two books of fiction, and her story "The Heat Death of the Universe" has been in print continuously since 1968 and has been translated into 18 languages. She has also written opera libretti and plays, and since 1985, has annually developed children's theater with Telluride's Mudd Butt Theater Troupe. She has guest-taught specific place-based and watershed curricula since 1987. Pamela and her husband have also started a non-profit organization in the Czech Republic called "The center For The Future."



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Short Stories "The Heat Death Of The Universe" New Worlds, July 1967
"The Holland of the Mind" The New SF,1969
"Instructions for Exiting This Building in Case of a Fire" Interzone 12, 1985
"Sheep," Likely Stories, ed. Bruce R. McPherson, Treacle Press, 1981

"Busy About The Tree Of Life," Busy About The Tree Of Life, The Women's Press, 1988




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